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Accessories Collection
(shape patterns and stitchpatterns)

Accessories for knitters

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Patterns for 15 different accessory items (suitable for Japanese machines) and 14 stitchpatterns. Includes 3 styles of evening bag, 3 styles of belt, 3 styles of evening scarf, 3 styles of hats, a man's cummerbund, felted slippers, legwarmers and elasticated hair tie (scrunchie). Although the stitchpatterns illustrated here are included in this collection, you can use any stitchpattern to knit the items, and they are particularly suited to those in the Fabric Weaves and Eastern Promise Collections. In this collection there are 8 stitchpatterns for 24 st machines, and 6 for 40 st machines. Electronic owners can knit them all, of course.


scarves for knitters

Scarves, bags and belts

bbags and belts for knitters
  chenille and lurex knitted bags evening bags for knitters felted slippers for knitters
  hats and scarves for knitters

leopard print hat for knitters

knitted animal print bags
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