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Animal print designs for cross stitch and needlepoint

Animal print needlework designs

Animal Prints for needlework

This booklet contains 14 charted designs for animal prints, two sizes for each of Dalmatian, Large Leopard, medium Leopard and Small Leopard, (different styles of leopard designs) Tiger, Zebra and Giraffe, While these are stunning as fully worked canvases for needlepointers, cross stitchers can just work the "spots" on the two colour skins if they prefer, using an off-white fabric to provide the background. This collection is equally suitable for home projects, like cushions, serviette rings, coasters,table runners and for garment trims such as purses, belts, hatbands, pocket trims, self-cover buttons and buckles, collars, even cross stitch lampshades. (stitch first, stiffen afterwards with blind stiffening spray)

The animal print patterns in the booklet are all repeating designs although they may not look like it. This means they can be easily worked onto projects of any size. Several repeats can be used to run seamlessly together for larger areas, as a single repeat for smaller ones and even for areas smaller than the repeat itself in one or both directions without losing any of the effect. The designs can be worked on any count fabric and there are two charts for each design - standard and large size so you can produce a larger bolder version whatever materials or stitching method you are using.

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