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Art Deco knitting Designs

Art Deco handknit designs

There are 20 Art Deco knitting designs in this collection - some linear or angular, some circular, rounded or oval, some designs incorporating a feeling of movement and energy others reflecting calm and order. There are a number of border designs as well as the full complement of all-over textile designs, all suitable both for garments and furnishing fabrics.

The Art Deco knitting designs in the book are fairisle designs using only two colours in the row with colour changes all at the same side. Alongside the main design grids there is a set of smaller mirror image charts which you can follow on the purl rows if you prefer so that you are always reading from right to left in the same way you would knit from right to left. (If you are a left-handed knitter, of course you would follow the mirror image chart on the knit rows and the main chart on the purl rows)

art deco offsetborder for knitting
art deco teasel knitting design
art deco abstract
art deco optical illusion
art deco arrows
Offset border design
Art Deco Teasels
Escalators design
Gothic Arches design
Arrows design
art deco knitted border art deco shards design for knitters
art deco fans design
art deco floral knit Fractured Shards
Double border design
Slalom design
Art Deco Fans design
Art Deco Primavera design
Fractured Shards
art deco knitted trim art deco swallows design for knitters art deco knitting moonshadow design art deco acorn knitting design art deco baskets knitting design
Art Deco knitted trim
Swallows design
Moonshadow design
Acorn design
Art Deco Baskets
art deco shell design for knitters
art deco bullseye knitting design
art deco scallop knitting design
art deco swags knitting design
slalom art deco knitting design
Art Deco Shells
Art Deco Bullseye design
Scallops design
Swags design
Slalom design
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