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Art Deco Designs for cross stitch and needlepoint

Art Deco needlework designs

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Art Deco charted designs for cross stitch and needlepoint. Contains all-over Art Deco fabric designs, borders and projects.  

About the Art Deco Designs needlework and rug making collection

The shapes in this collection are varied, some linear or angular, some circular, rounded or oval, some designs incorporating a feeling of movement and energy others reflecting calm and order. The designs in this collection are intended for stitchers or rug makers who are fairly independent with many ideas for their own projects but who want some new and different fabric designs to call upon. The charts in the Art Deco Designs booklet are based around seven design themes and give the stitcher a varied library of complete projects, all-over repeating textile designs and borders from which to choose.
The booklet also includes instructions for projects. Depending on the material and scale selected these are suitable for rugs, a fire-screen, table runner or wall hanging, cushion cover or picture. As well as this the all-over textile designs can be used for rug centres, book covers, bookmarks, accessories such as purses, belts and hatbands, cushions, serviette rings, coasters, table runners and a host of other small decorative items

The Art Deco style evolved during the 1920's and 1930's in contrast to the earlier softer and more fluid style of Art Nouveau. Art Deco celebrated new shapes and clean, even stark lines and incorporated a feeling of power and movement emanating from a confident post-war industrial society. Brought together in an international exhibition in Paris in 1925 - "Exposition des Arts Decoratifs et industriels Modernes", the design style was to be found in every conceivable designable item of that period - buildings, objets d'art, interior design and fashion.
Art Deco sits well both with classic and minimalist themes and now seems to have come full circle. Once again at the beginning of the new century we have come to appreciate this unfussy, sophisticated and slightly quirky design style.

art deco fans rug
Art Deco flowers
art deco teasels
  Rug based on the fans design and worked as a latchhook rug by my dad! Click to enlarge.   Partly stitched teasel design on tapestry. Click to enlarge. Teasel design used as a continuous border for tapestry or cross stitch.
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