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Contemporary Pattern


This collection embraces the quirky patterning of the sixties alongside the colourful mediterranean trends of the eighties and nineties, encompassing along the way, threads of art deco and japanese style monotones.
I have again included some designs with rich colour combinations where some colour changing enhances the design, but where the knitting remains relatively straightforward - all changes at the same side of the knitting, only two colours in a row etc. At the same time there are designs which rely on the built-in patterning, not colour, for the impact of the design, so you can choose whether to go for something very quick, or whether to set aside some quality time for your knitting!!
Most of the designs in the book are suitable for both 24 and 40 stitch machines or have a separate version for each. There are a couple of larger designs suitable for electronics as well. The separate versions of the designs often produce a slightly different effect, thus giving you the choice of two designs. Many also produce attractive designs using the garter carriage

  contemporary pattern
      refractions design cobweb pattern  
Two big designs with small floats -
perfect for easy knitted throws
Mediterranean Check design Traffic light design  

refractions design
No need to change colours to achieve this edgy design

cobweb design
Depending on the way you look at it the spider's web centre moves around from place to place. Longest float 6 st.

A bold check for a traditional touch. Choose bright mediterranean colours or traditional burgundies and greys!
Maximum float length 6 sts.
A quirky irregular design- the circles are not round and the borders are not neat! A good choice for modern minimalists.
Maximum float length 7 sts
Like all the books, Contemporary Pattern includes design notes like those you see here, with colour and design ideas to try. If you are a Designaknit user and just want the stitchpatterns, opt for the DK disk.

sea strands mirror imaged

  Seastrands design mirror-imaged
The strands remind me of seaweed strands like those you often find on the beach near where I live. This design can be used on the diagonal to bring movement into your item or garment, or mirror imaged to create a chevron effect. DIfferent effects can be obtained by mirror-imaging at different places on the design. Electronic owners can do this effortlessly by flicking a switch on the patterning controls. However, don't be put off if you only have a 24st or 40 st punchcard machine. You can still achieve this look by knitting the fabric in two halves. No need to repunch your card, you just put it in back to front for the second section.