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Collection of textile designs specially created to be used for knitted fabrics which are going to be felted. There are two reference sections, one on techniques, explaining how to felt your knitted fabrics in the washing machine among other things, and one on applications and materials.

The designs are an eclectic mixture, some small intricate dsigns and others which use to the maximum the possibility of bold designs without worrrying about keeping the floats short (as the felting process eliminates the need for this). There are a number of designs which explore the textural possbiilties of fabrics knitted using one felting yarn combined with another non-felting yarn. This enables interesting bobble and three dimensional patterns to be created. Suitable for both 24st. and 40st. machines and electronics.

Fabrics for Felting

Felting designs for knitters

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felted knitted jerkin
You can achieve a fascinating variety of textures by combining yarns that felt with ones that don't felt. This jerkin combines two stitchpatterns from Fabrics for Felting and attracts attention wherever it goes!  


Fabrics for Felting includes felting instructions and design notes with colour and design ideas to allow you get the most from your patterns. If you are a Designaknit user and just want the stitchpatterns, opt for the DK disk.

          nasturtium knitted felt design knitted felted floral design
          Nasturtium design Floral design
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