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Ordering Information

I take all the orders personally, by email , and you can pay by credit card, or internet banking, but not directly from this website. Contact me for instructions. I cannot accept Paypal.

Prices (At present in February 2023 the exchange rate is about 1.23 USD to the pound.)

All the books cost £8 except for

Italian Collection, Trellis Collection, Debut Collection
which cost £7
Art Deco, Eastern Promise, Ikat Designs, Special Effects and Nomad handknit version which cost £8.50

Designaknit format collections cost £9 each, or £6 if supplied with the corresponding book. The Designaknit collections do not include any notes or written material.

UK: £2.45 for the first book then 90p for each further book and free for orders of £30 or more.
US, Canada NZ and Australia: £7.00 for the first book, then £2 each for further books..
Ireland and Europe: £4.25 for the first book, then £1.50 each for further book

The different versions
The designs in the machine and handknitting versions of the same title are the same, but the charts are set out differently. All the knitting designs can be used for needlework, but the needlework designs involve more intricate colour arrangements and would be difficult (though not impossible) to knit.

Machine knitting design books show charts suitable for entering into knitting machine punchcards or electronic machines using mylar sheets, push button entry, disk drives, pc links etc.

Hand knitting design books show colour charts including further charts for alternate colourways, and special "purl row charts" alongside the knitting charts to allow knitters to follow the design more easily when working on wrongside rows.

Designaknit(DAK) files are available for all collections.These can be downloaded or sent on CD. Please note that the DAK option is designed to accompany the books rather than replace them, as the books provide illustrations, set out different colourways design ideas and so on, as well as the stitchpattern diagrams . DAK files are available separately however for those who are happy to work with just the designs themselves in DAK format and they will save you the work of entering the data into your machine or PPD or loading the designs on the computer.


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