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Patchwork Designs for cross stitch and needlepoint


Patchwork designs for cross stitch, needlepoint and tapestry

The designs in this collection are inspired by traditional American pieced designs, and mirror the three-dimensional qualities of traditional quilted patchwork. There are optical illusion designs, stylized angular baskets and flower patterns and designs where foreground and background seem to interchange. This booklet contains 16 charts for 8 traditional patchwork designs and offers a refreshing alternative to the more usual florals available for stitchers. It also provides some examples of the stunning abstract block designs and optical illusions for which traditional American patchwork is well known. As with the other collections most of the designs are based on a single colour ground, (although they do not necessarily appear this way) so cross stitchers can again choose an appropriately coloured fabric and stitch the non "ground" colours only if they wish.

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