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Special Effects

Innovative collection of animal print designs for hand knitting and other special effects such as ragrolling, sponging, stippling, marbling, camouflage etc. for imaginative knitters moving away from traditional designs for knitwear.
Contains hand knitting charts for leopard, lion, zebra giraffe, dalmatian and cow skin designs, ragrolling, sponging, stippling, marbling and designs for gradual black - to- white and colour-to-colour merging, woodgrain and camouflage designs.

Fairisle knitting using only two colours in a row with colour changes all at one side.

(animal print designs)

Tiger,dlamatian and cow prints for knitters

Leopardskin sweater
Camouflage knitting design
leopard print slippers

Leopard print knitting design

animal prints

Dalmatian and Cow knitting designs

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