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Tartans and Checks

18 charts for 9 different Tartan (plaid) and Check designs. The tartans are reminiscent of different tradition scottish clan tartans, but are not the actual tartans. The "red royal" tartan, for example, featured on the front cover of the 2008 Knit and Stitches Calendar below, looks a bit like the Royal Stewart tartan. Some of the tartan designs are on the diagonal. While highly effective as fully worked canvasses for needlepointers, since they are all based on a single colour "base" (not necesarily the perceived background) cross stitchers can choose an appropriately coloured fabric, then stitch the remaining colours only, if they prefer.

The patterns in the booklet are all repeating designs although they may not look like it. This means they can be easily worked onto projects of any size. Several repeats can be used to run seamlessly together for larger areas, as a single repeat for smaller ones and even for areas smaller than the repeat itself in one or both directions without losing any of the effect. The designs can be worked on any count fabric and there are two charts for each design - standard and large size so you can produce a larger bolder version whatever materials or stitching method you are using.

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