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Tones and Shades

Designs with no colour changes, making use of toning and shading techniques to create designs using shades of grey, and intermediate colours purely by the imaginative arrangement of dark and light stitches.
By arranging different coloured stitches in certain ways, gradually changing fabrics can be achieved and a really unusual garment can be created - made unique by this colourmerge technique! Because the fabric is treated more like a canvas than a collection of individual stitches, some designs can appear to travel across the width of the pattern repeat, giving the appearance of a very large design.

Finally, all the designs are knitted in two colours throughout, so there is no need to change colours at all. Just set up and knit!

Merging colours in knitting fabric
braided knitting design
    Colourmerge lattice sweater knitted in panels using the Colourmerge stitchpattern from Tones and Shades
Big braid design
Textile Cones
Swirls design
Textile Cones design
Foaming Surf design
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