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Woven Designs

woven designs

A unique collection of modular charts for all-over designs, motifs and borders based around three design themes - Trellis, Woven Rushes and Tapestry, all of which appear to incorporate strands weaving in and out of each other. Each of the designs in the Woven Designs collection is composed of a number of unique modular components - a central panel and a series of top, bottom, side and corner panels. Within the design themes, each of these panels can be combined with any of the others or with repeats of itself, in a variety of ways with automatic pattern matching at the edges. The booklet contains 28 chart modules and 28 "combination idea" charts.
This enables the stitcher to create different, but co-oordinated designs - the central panel with repeats in both directions can be repeated any number of times to form all-over designs of your chosen dimensions. If you prefer you can connect a single repeat, or multiple repeats of the central panel to the top, bottom and side border panels to create a compact or a very large motif. Even the border panels themselves connect - top to bottom and side to side, again seamlessly, to form separate designs.
You do not have to restrict yourself to mixing within design themes. You might prefer to use a border area from Trellis, for example with a central motif from Woven Rushes, or indeed any other combination. You can even experiment combining joining the central panels of diffferent designs, (the repeats are all 24 st in both directions) and while the joins will not be seamless, if you use a common colourway, you will obtain an interesting complementary design.

  tapestry design
tapestry motif
trellis design
trellis motif
rushes basic design
rushes design
woven rushes design
rushes motif
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